GLfunge98 aims to be the best Funge98/Befunge93 interpreter with an UI implemented with OpenGL. It is the only one I know, so it quite possibly even is the best one.

GLfunge98, when finished, will have support for Concurrent Funge, Trefunge, and full Funge98 command set, while still providing a Befunge93 compatibility mode for older programs. GLfunge98 will also provide lots of dynamically loadable extensions to the Befunge programmer.

Information about Befunge9x and Funge98 can be found from

Current status

GLfunge98 is currently in version 0.9.04, which is also the first public beta version. OpenGL-interface is still alpha-experimental and sucks. Sorry. Console mode works better, though.

Possible beta testers are encouraged to download GLfunge-0.9.04 and try it.
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'Changes' file of GLfunge98-0.9.04

Current status

Newest version is GLfunge98-0.9.04.
Almost all of the Funge98 command set is implemented, only {, }, u (the stack stack manipulation commands) and l, h and m (Trefunge commands) are still missing. Implemented extensions: 'ROME', 'NULL', 'SOCK', 'SCKE' (my own extensions to SOCK), 'FPSP'.

Run mode works, debug mode also, and has single-stepping (if you modify the code to enable it :). OpenGL-interface exists, but is experimental. Doesn't work very well. Text mode is better. No editor yet.

Version history

+ Added first experimental version of OpenGL output code.
* Bugfixes.
* Documentation improvements. Makefile improvements. improvements.

+ Added documentation (README, man pages, installation instructions, extension API documentation, etc.)
+ Added the needed license files, we are now officially under GPL.
* Reorganized the directory tree.
* Fixed the Makefile a bit
* Optimized a lot (caches the last get() etc.). get() took 315ns/call, now takes 193ns/call (in

+ Added extension support (currently written ROME, NULL and SOCK).
* Fixed some small bugs found while adding extension support.

0.9.01 (first version)
* Funge98 works, with the following exceptions: {, }, u, l, h, m, (, ).
* Befunge93-mode is complete.

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